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Protect for personal data stored on your phone using the secret box android app and hide everything that you don’t want anyone else to see except. Just visit the google play store for secret box android download and you can have full protection of your personal data, media files, apps and much more.

Secure your smart phone better using the secret box apk on your android device to limit the availability of certain files and documents that you do not want others to access on your phone.

What is Secret Box App?

Secret box android app is a very useful app if you are secretive about what you keep in your phone and you do not want any other person to access that information, you can limit the accessibility of apps, you can hide media content and documents, you can hide pictures, videos, documents and you can even lock apps that are installed in your phone so that no one else can use your phone without your password.

Secret Box Features

1. You can monitor who is trying to see what is on your phone and catch them in the act. This feature requires an Android 2.3 (or higher) device with a front-facing camera so if anyone is trying to access your phone without the password, the front facing camera will take the picture of the person trying to see what is on your phone.

2. You can hide all your photos and videos in the secret vault that only you can access in the secret box app after you type in the correct password and the videos and photos will not be available in the gallery so nobody can access them except you.

3. This is a great feature which you do not get with other similar apps on google play store, secret box lets you import your sensitive SMS text messages to Secret Box. Strong encryption and password protection ensures they will be hidden from everyone but you.

4. You can also hide your private contacts invisible. All you have to do is simply add a number to Secret Box and any calls or messages from this number will only appear in Vault. The call and SMS logs will no longer appear in your phone’s native SMS folder and call logs. TIP: it is recommend to add your most frequent used contacts to Secret Box private box. In a scenario where your phone is lost or gets stolen, you will not have to worry about anyone accessing your personal contacts or messages.

5. This is a real smart function, what if someone, say your father, asks you to unlock the secret box and show him what you have hidden in there, what do you do? Well you can make fake boxes in the secret box app itself and protect the real Secret Box by creating one or more fake boxes. Even if someone insists that you give them your password just show them the fake box. Problem solved!

Secret Box App Download

This is a step by step guide on how you can secret box android app download from the google play store on your android smart phone or tablet. Follow the below given steps to install the official secret box apk on your device.

  1. First of all choose your OS – Google Play // App Store.
  2. Now open the app with the same icon as shown on this page and tap on ‚ÄėInstall‚Äô.
  3. The secret box app will start to download soon on your device.
  4. After the download is finished, open the app and hide your stuff.
  5. Secret box is a great application to have in your phone if you have friends that like to play pranks on your and keep messing around with your phone, you can keep your phone safe from your friends, kids in the house and anyone else trying to access your private indormation.

Thank for reading our tutorial on how to download Secret Box apk for Android. If you are stuck at any step, feel free to let us know using the comment section below, we will be happy to help you out.