How To Change Password on Windows 7/8/8.1

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Windows is operating system software that is used by many users all around the world. With time the windows has appeared in various avatars that have enhanced features.

How to Change Windows 7 8 81 Password

The new features allow the users to alter the level of security which means you can change the security passwords without even remembering the previous passwords. Now let us look at some of the coolest methods onhow to change passwords without knowing what the current password is.

How To Change Password on Windows 8/7/8.1

There may be many instances that you may have forgotten the existing password; however the good news is that you do not need to fret over it. You can alter it within a very short time.

How To Change Password on Windows 8

If you have not created any password reset, then you can simply go for a software that lets you change your password easily. With the password key you can alter the password on windows 8 and every other password as well. In fact you can use this method on any laptop. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Firstly you have to download the software and then install it on the computer
  • Then you have to use a DVD or a USB for a password reset
  • You will have to insert disk that you have created into the computer and follow another procedure.
  • Click on the option that says reboot and then press yes to start up your computer again; after that you can type in the new password to start working on the computer.

So you may have realized that the procedure is in fact very simple and you will not face any problems provided you pay attention to the steps mentioned.

Change Password by Utilizing The Reset Disk

As a user you can create a reset disk in advance and then you can use it much later to alter the password. As a user you can also feel free to use the password key of Windows 8 if you are not aware of the password reset option. You can also follow the steps mentioned below.

  • You can begin by clicking on the option that says reset password and after that you will be directed to a password wizard
  • After that you will have to click on the removable media and then click on the next option.
  • Once you are done with above you will have to type in a new password and then finish the process by clicking on the next option.
  • Click on the finish option after you have managed to alter the password for your computer

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Using an Admin Account To Alter Password

If you share your computer with someone else then you should put in an admin password. This will also allow the other users to change the password on the computer. You will have to follow some simple steps to make such changes.

How To Check Internet Balance in Airtel BSNL Vodafone Aircel IDEA

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Almost every mobile user use internet today and why not because today with use of internet we can do anything easily like online banking, booking tickets, online shopping and many things you can use, whatsapp, gmail, watch free movies online without downloading and many things you can do with use of internet so, for these service we are really thankful to our internet service providers who provide internet service to us.

How To Check Internet Balance in Airtel BSNL Vodafone Aircel IDEA

So, if you are from India you are using different company’s internet like idea, Vodafone, airtel, aircel, tata docomo etc. I am also using many different companies internet service so I face one problem because every mobile companies has own unique USSD code to check internet balance. So many people like me searching online How to check internet balance in airtel, Vodafone, tata docomo, BSNL, aircel etc. so here I listed almost every popular mobile companies USSD code to check internet balance.

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How To Check Internet Balance In Airtel

If you are airtel customer and you want to check your 2G and 3G internet balance in airtel then just dial this USSD code *123*10# and press ok button and in next screen you can see your internet data balance in airtel easily.

How To Check Internet Balance In BSNL

BSNL user can check there 2G/3G internet balance using this USSD code *112# and after dial this USSD code you need to select option to check internet balance and chose appropriate option and press ok button so you can easily check your internet data pack volume in BSNL.

Check 2G/3G Internet Balance In Aircel

To check 2G and 3G internet balance in aircel To Check 2G Data balance in Aircel prepaid you can dial these USSD code *126*1#  OR *126*4#

Check 2G/3G Internet Balance In Vodafone

For Vodafone users to check 2G and 3G internet data balance you can check with use of USSD code otherwise you can send sms to know your data balance.

You can check your Vodafone data balance using this USSD code *111*6# or *111*6*2# and Then select appropriate option and check your internet balance in Vodafone. Or you can send sms to Vodafone customer care at SMS ‘DATA BAL’ to 144 and you will receive message with information of your data volume.

How To Check Internet Balance In idea

If you are idea user and you want to check your internet data balance in idea you can check with thisUSSD code *125# or you can send message to customer care and check your internet balance just send sms.


So now I hope you find this article helpful but may be some of this USSD codes to check internet balance in idea, Vodafone, airtel, aircel, BSNL will not work in every state in india because sometimes USSD codes are different in every states.

So , if any of these code will not work you can just call customer care and ask them How to check internet balance in bsnl, Vodafone, idea etc. if you found this article really helpful please don’t forget to share this article with your friends via facebook and any social media and comment in below comment box

Top 5+ Best Websites To Get Vodafone Recharges Online in India

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Vodafone has emerged as an industry player in telecommunication industry. Vodafone is known for providing terrific connectivity and better customer service.

Free Vodafone Recharge, Free Vodafone Internet Plans

No matter you have postpaid or prepaid Vodafone connection, you have to recharge or pay the bill to enjoy uninterrupted services. Just a few years back, we have to find a nearby recharge shop to get balance even if we are in new place. But, fortunately, today we have some prestigious and legitimate mobile recharge websites that allow you to fuel up your mobile from the comfort of your home.


If you’re looking for a site that offers more than just mobile recharge, hit Paytm. The website offers Vodafone recharge services, along with many other services to handle your all kinds of need.

For instances, you can buy clothing, home and kitchen appliances, stationery, books, baby, kids and toys, and even automotive items here. Paytm announced Blockbuster sale everyday where you could buy anything you want at a discount price. Additionally, you can pay bill of your postpaid mobile, DTH, datacard, landline, electricity, bus tickets, and more. You receive a paytm wallet to use for recharge or can also send money to friends in no time.


Freecharge has a very simple and comprehensive layout. The website allows user to recharge their prepaid Vodafone connection along with DTH, datacard, and postpaid mobile.

Apart from offering online recharge, the website also offers remarkable cashback over every purchase you make here. What all you need to do is just enter your number, choose Vodafone, and enter the amount, you will get your cashback offer and confirmation in just a few minutes. In order to save your time, the website has a very simple form to fill out, and does not involve you in lengthy process.


Mobiwik is not a uncommon name today. The website facilitates Vodafone recharge, pay bill, and also allows user to shop and send money using their Mobikwik wallet.

Apart from getting quick recharge, you also get huge cashback on your every purchase. You can recharge your mobile, DTH, datacards or pay the bills using this website. In case, you do not know which plan will be the best for you, check out it on site itself before proceeding further, and get the required information. All service providers are listed on home page to help you get recharge in short time.

Recharge It Now:

Recharge It Now deals in Vodafone recharge along with all other major service providers.

The website allows you to recharge YOUR Vodafone prepaid connection from the comfort of your office or home using its unique prepaid mobile recharge facility. The recharge facility is available for 24 x 7, and also offers great cashback along with.

It is the official website of Vodafone. You can recharge your Vodafone connection or pay bills of your postpaid Vodafone connection in just three steps. You simply have to select the recharge and then confirm your selection, and pay the amount, that’s it.

How to Get Free .Edu Email Address?

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On having .edu email address (i.e. [email protected]), you definitely get a lot of benefits. When you’re assosiated with any university or college, you’re given with a unique .edu email id. Companies like Apple gives huge discount on buying their products for that gradually gives them more exposures and customer satisfaction. As well as these .edu emails get a lot of preference for they are unusual and private to only limited universities/schools/colleges. In India, the official colleges and others use domain.

Free Edu Email Address, Edu Email Address, How to Get Free Edu Email

With search engine optimization perspectives getting a backlink from .edu domain is really valuable. You would see that most of the techniques shared on getting a free .edu email id is outdated. That is why I’ve decided to share the free working method of getting a free educational email id.

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Working Free .Edu Email ID Trick of 2016

*** Comment below with your email if you want private registered free edu emails ***

So presently, whatever there method is isn’t working or is outdated. For the colleges were suspicious about getting their data spammed and misused by the non college students. Even was gigs in the micro job sites like Fiverr were removed due to violation of laws.

However, there is two seller who’s still providing these email ids – Seller 1 | Seller 2.

P.S: As of 8th August, 2016 both the sellers have been removed due to violation. I’d update the article when there’s any trusted seller for .edu emails.

If you’re not already registered or familiar about Fiverr, it’s a marketplace where people buy and sell services for a quick $5 at starting price. In the past there were whole loaded of gigs on educational emails but as the masses increased it subsidiarily needed to be banned.

While it may get banned anytime, so if you’re reading this you must take a quick action. On ordering, he promises to get back to you the account in 1 day. So go-go.

P.S: I’m not affiliate with Fiverr or it’s seller. The deal was exclusively available at present moment which is why I connected you with the seller. 

 Method 2 – Free Email Address

Update: They no longer provide [email protected] email.

maricopa edu email address, edu email, free edu email id

There’s a Maricopa college in US which allows it’s students to register over their website. What often happen is the colleges send their username and password attached with their joining email but in case of this they don’t.

  1. Head towards their official site registration page.
  2. Submit the form, you can use FakeNameGenerator in case if you don’t want to reveal your original identity. You usually get addresses, name, email, password, cc details, with that so no need to worry. Just fill up the form. You would need a SSN ID to register, just you can get fake details from Google.
  3. As you’re done, click submit – and voila! You would have your very own [email protected]

It’s pretty simple and straight. Just now head to promotional campaigns by tech giants and get exclusively discounts for college students 😉

 Method 3 – Free Email Address

Update: This site no longer gives email addresses due to excessive abuse of their system.

californiacolleges edu email, free edu email address, edu email address

  1. Just go to the website, and on the sidebar click on “New Account”.
  2. You would now be taken to another page – just click on College Student when asked who are you.
  3. Now you’d be required to select a college – select any of your choice.
  4. On the next page, you would be required to fill the registration form. You can easily generate that with
  5. As you’re done, you’d be prompted to confirm the form – just reread incase anything left out.
  6. Click submit, and you’re done – you would be taken to their panel.

That’s it to get email id.

PS: This article is just for informational/educational purpose – I, or it’s brand doesn’t entitle for any misuse of it.

Hope you found this useful folks! Do like & share this stuff with your friends who want to get this cool lil’ trick.