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Your favourite torrent website got banned due to piracy and now you’re looking  for best torrent sites to download games, movies, software for free? Then pat your back folks for I’ve given my blood and sweats to dig into the top torrent websites out there in the planet which is good, top, best, great, perfect, or what so ever you would like to say.

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If you’re a movie freak like me, you must have been searching for best free torrent sites to download your stuff all night and enjoy it the very next day. I know, I know.

What is Torrent Sites? And how these work?

These cool torrent download websites work on basis of peer to peer method that has been founded by one of the coolest computer programer – Bram Cohen (the founder of BitTorrent) which means, around the world the data gets transmitted from one to another pc/mac and gets your torrent file available for free.

It’s a very long and complex torrent seeding process which is why it takes a lot more time to download torrent files from these websites than the normal file download.

However, the only reason of using these free torrent download sites is just because it keeps on downloading the files on the background, pauses when my internet connectivity fluctuation, and is really handy.

Can download file of any size. Oh, yea – I just downloaded a hundred GB torrent data over night a week ago. These are great stuff.

Well to be not very complex about the definition of what torrent is, it’s basically a .torrent file that is consisted of it’s micro tracking data that processes with Torrent Clients.

What affects the speed of download is the seeds (the number of people who uploaded the torrent file), leechers (the number of people who download the file) and peers (the no. of people who is downloading and sharing the file). The higher, the better. MegaUpload back in 2012 got court orders to shut down the file hosting company, the whole 2015 your favourite The Pirate Bay was down due to piracy and court orders that now relaunched with it’s old .org domain extension.

Enough of talks, let’s drive straight into what this article is all about – THE Best Torrent Sites of 2016.

Top 10 Torrent Websites of 2016

So far so forth, I’ve used almost all the popular torrent download sites out there.

Why? Cause I love to analyze the data of how it’s performing. So based the data I’d be listing here the best torrent downloading sites out there –

No. 1 – ThePirateBay.org (TPB)

When people talk about best torrent site, The Pirate Bay tops the chart.

The Pirate Bay, Top Torrent Sites, Best Torrent Websites

Founded in 2003 by Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij and Peter Sunde, it became the largest torrent site in no time and is most dominating BitTorrent site.

Back in 2009, these three founders were found guilty for the reason of copyright violation – which they obviously is doing in a very mass level.

It was down for for couple of time, when the relaunched the site with .se domain extension that was later charged and seized by the Swedish court then followed by 6 hydra domains. Then again back in May, 2016 it came back with it’s old .org domain.

People are a huge fan of it, and thousands of people searches The Pirate Bay alternatives when they are down. Below is the best alternatives of The Pirate Bay 😉

No. 2 – Kickass Torrent (KAT.cr)

Kat.cr was founded in 2008 and now is serving over a million daily unique visitors coming to download pirated torrent files from their directory. Back in 2014, when ThePirateBay.org was going through the seize, Kat.cr topped the list of most visited torrent site in the world.

KickAss Torrent, Top Torrent Sites, Best Torrent Websites

Like TPB Site, Kickass Torrent moved it’s original domain to Kat.ph when the main domain was suied by US Justice back in 21st Apr, 2011. It kept moving to different servers and domains .tt, .to, .so, .im and later on now .cr.

A surprising event occurred with Kat.cr when it was penalized by Google and then some SEO ranked a fake Kickass Torrent website which when visited was injected with malware. So it’s recommended that when you visit these torrent sites  you’ve your antivirus turned on to not get your important data like CC/Bank Details, Passwords.

No. 3 – Torrentz.eu

The only torrent site in the list which is run solely by a code alias name – Flippy. Like others, it isn’t a file hosting website rather a search engine which crawls multiple top torrent websites like TPB, Kat.cr, and offers download links by pointing it towards the source website.

Torrentz, Top Torrent Sites, Best Torrent Websites

Since it’s not in literally violating any of copyright issues, Torrentz has played a very safe game in the industry. It top the chart in no. 2nd back in 2015. Flippy brought torrentz.com back in 2008 and had Torrentz.eu as a backup which eventually turned as main domain on 18th Dec, 2010. On 2013, Paramount Pictures filed DMCA against Torrentz however won it for they aren’t violating any of copyright policy.

No. 4 – RuTracker.org

RuTracker, formally Torrent.ru is the best Russian torrent site with a database of 1.69 million registered user.

With an Alexa rank of 427 (as of July, 2016) it comes at 4th top torrent website of 2016.

RuTracker, Top Torrent Sites, Best Torrent Websites

It has 22 categories, that ranges from news, tv series, tutorials, mobile decides,to programming, designing, and rock music.

RuTracker has a very interesting history on Wikipedia that how all the way it has survived from 2004 to now.

Unlike Torrentz.com, it has received a lot of copyright violation notices.

2ip.ru reports it has 6.2m monthly users visiting this torrent site.

No. 5 – Rarbg.to

Not much is known about Rarbg (also known as RBG) which is was founded back in 2008 with now having over 300k/day visitors as of 2015 report. And now tops the 5th position on top torrent sites of 2016.

Rarbg, Top Torrent Sites, Best Torrent Websites

It it mainly a torrent index serving torrent files and magnet links by using BitTorrent’s P2P Protocol.

Right after start of Rarbg.to it was faced legal issue which made them to stop their service for around a week. It was blocked in Saudi Arabia on Apr 2, 2014, followed by UK (on Nov 27, 2014), Denmark on 27 Mar, 2015 and as on 26th Oct, 2015 it was blocked in Portugal.

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Best Torrent Sites to Download Movies, Music, Software Free

Get the list of free torrent sites for movies compiled together, the best torrent sites to download movies in full HD resolution and all the media and files that you require. Get free software torrent sites using bittorrent torrent sites.

Get access to the hidden and private torrent sites and download music torrent sites for free without having to pay for it. The full list of almost all the working torrent sites for windows and torrent sites for mac.

Do you want to download free movies and free software without having to pay for these highly overpriced digital things? Get the full list of working torrent sites and download as many movies, software, music and media and audio content as you want for free but there is one problem that most of us face when we try to download anything from torrent.

Well we all know the way but most of us do not know the source. Good torrent sits are pretty rare nowadays and you can not just search for a good torrent site on google and it will show you the best rated torrent site, you need some knowledge or you need a list just like the one we have shown here.

List of Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2016 

To download any content using the torrent sites you will need a bit torrent downloader that will help you fetch the required data and download the required files on your computer or mac.

Best Torrent Sites, Torrent Websites, Free Torrent Sites

You can download it on any of the torrent sites mentioned in the list. After installing the torrent downloade3r, you can download the torrents on your device. Open any torrent website and click on magnet link shown below any content, the torrent downloader software will open automatically and your file will start downloading automatically.


To help you with finding the source of all the best software, music and movies we have compiled all the biggest and most popular torrent sites. You can find movies, free software and free music on these sites and you can download as much media and file content as you want. The list has been organized by descending order so the number one will have highest authority and you will get the content that you are looking for without having to wonder around in no time.

  1. EVOMOVIES.COMDownload the latest movies, software, music of 2016 form EVOMOVIES. Visit their website and get all the premium content for free.
  2. MYDOWNLOADTUBE.COMDownload the music collections of 2016 as soon as they are out from MYDOWNLOADTUBE, you can also stream movies and music using ace player.
  3. OZOMOVIES.COM: OZOMOVIES has one of the most efficient interface and you can find the right content that you are looking for in minutes.
  4. HALOAMOVIES.COM: Download free movies in full hd, blue ray and 3D from HALOAMOVIES, stream movies if you have ace player preinstalled using magnet links from HALOAMOVIES.
  5. MOGOMOVIES.COM: Get all the latest software, photo shop, adobe reader and all adobe products for free using links from MOGOMOVIES.
  6. MOVIEWATCHER.TO: MOVIEWATCHER is the one stop destination for all your movie needs, you can get newest of movies in good print as soon as they are released on MOVIEWATCHER.TO
  7. NEWMOVIESONLINE.WS: Stream movies on your computer using the magnet links, and even music too, just install ace player and visit NEWMOVIESONLINE and enjoy free content.
  8. NEWMOVIES.WS: Download TV series, new HD movies, song collections, premium software and much more from NEWMOVIES
  9. MOVIE24.CC: Get the latest movies in full HD quality and never miss out any movie ever again, download them using MOVIE24
  10. DODOMOVIES.COM: Best torrent website to bet good movies, DODOMOVIES. Get new and old classic movies in full HD quality for free from DODOMOVIES.
  11. CRYSTALTORRENTS.COM: Get the best quality movies and faster downloads on CRYSTALTORRENTS.
  12. KickAssTorrents: One of the best torrent sites where you can find unlimited content for free, KickAssTorrents
  13. Torrentz: Hosts a huge collection of movies and TV shows, download media content from Torrentz for free.
  14. ExtraTorrents: Get all the movies in all resolutions form ExtraTorrents
  15. YiffyTorrents: Get all movies in full hd, all superhero movies from YiffyTorrents
  16. BitSnoop: One of the best torrent sites to download free software, BitSnoop.
  17. SumoTorrent: Download large files fast from SumoTorrent easily in no time.
  18. TorrentDownloads: Download private and VIP torrent files free from TorrentDownloads
  19. EZTV: Get the best torrent files on your computer fast using EZTV
  20. RarBG: Get zipped files of your favorite torrents at RarBG
  21. 1137x: Download torrents without getting caught, from 1137x 
  22. TorrentHound: Get all the media files and TV shows at one place, only on TorrentHound
  23. Fenopy: Download whole TV series from Fenopy with high seeders
  24. TorrentReactor: Download easy torrents from TorrentReactor in high speed
  25. ThePirateBay: The best torrent website to download mp3 songs free, ThePirateBay
  26. RARBG.COM: Best torrent website to download mp3 songs in good quality, RARBG

Updated list of Best BitTorrent Websites:

Pirate Bay Owners, Pirate Bay Torrent Sites Owner, Pirate Bay Down

  1. TORRENTSMD.COM: TORRENTSMD provides movies as soon as they are out.
  2. BEST-TORRENTS.NET: BEST-TORRENTS.NET has the largest collection of best software for free.
  3. TFILE.ME: High number of seeders for all files that you want do download, only on TFILE.
  4. TORRENTY.ORG: Get the new movies torrent as soon as they are released in full HD on TORRENTY
  5. COPPERSURFER.TK: Want to download free movies? Just visit COPPERSURFER and get latest movies in hd
  6. DEMONII.COM: Get free mp3 in high quality and good amount of seeders all the time on DEMONII
  7. OPENBITTORRENT.COM: Get the latest tv shows in full hd from OPENBITTORRENT anytime, download in full hd
  8. TRACKER.PRQ.TO: Download torrents without leaving a trace, on TRACKER.PRQ
  9. FREE-TORRENTS.ORG: Get free movies, mp3 songs and software at FREE-TORRENTS, download at high speeds
  10. NOVAFILM.TV: Get the latest software from NOVAFILM for free using any torrent downloader
  11. FREEEXCHANGE.RU: Download windows products free from FREEEXCHANGE
  12. NNM-CLUB.INFO: Get exclusive media content from NNM-CLUB for free
  13. LOSTFILM.TV: Get old movies in full hd from LOSTFILM, downloads at high speeds
  14. TFILE.ME: Download torrents at fast speeds from TFILE.
  15. KINOSTAR.US: Get quality torrents anytime from KINOSTAR.US.
  16. FRIENDS-TORRENT.COM: Get the latest episodes of your favorite TV show, download them on your device from FRIENDS-TORRENT.
  17. MEGASHARA.COM: Get lightning fast download on MEGASHARA with huge amount of seeders on every torrent.
  18. KINOARENA.TV: Get international content without worrying about getting caught for piracy using KINOARENA.
  19. BIT-TORRENT.BZ: Get good quality torrents as soon as they are out anywhere, first at BIT-TORRENT without any delays.
  20. RUTRACKER.ORG: Get lightning fast torrents with huge seeders, from RUTRACKER.

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NEW Most Popular Free Torrent Sites

  1. Utorrent: Utorrent provides the best torrent download manager you can get.
  2. Azureus: You can download free media content using Azureus using utorrent.
  3. BitComet: Use BitComet to download a good torrent downloader and free movies.
  4. BitTornado: Another bit torrent client to provide a better downloader.
  5. ABC: ABC provides links to other sites and best torrents.
  6. BitLord: Download free software from BitLord using torrent.
  7. Bits On Wheels: Bits On Wheels provides good bit torrent clients so that you can have the best torrent downloader.

That’s all the list of 50+ Best torrent sites to Download Movies, Music, Software Free 😉


What I would recommended you is to first turn your antivirus on while you go to these torrent websites as you can clearly understand not a single trusted person is uploading these torrent files rather thousands of people are doing it regularly.

No surety who is intending to do what. So better be safe and secure.

So these were all the top 50+ torrent websites list. I’d be updating it more frequently with new torrent sites.

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